Hello, My Friends!

Hello Friends!

I’m grateful to say that my musical life has been very active lately, as I’m singing in two duos and two bands, producing a new CD, and planning to produce another.

More recently I’m performing with Jean Eisenhower, whose vocal contributions have brought us constant praise for our “sweet harmonies.”

I still sing with Charlie Alfero, as we have for the past six or seven years, though these dates have become more sporadic as work takes him out of town more frequently.  Charlie plays mandolin and tenor guitar and adds harmonies to my original folk songs and favorite, fun covers.  And I enjoy singing his originals.  (Many of the songs we recorded on our “Settle on In” CD can be heard here.)

An entirely new direction for me has been learning the history-changing folk music of Woody Guthrie, whose 100th birthday just passed and has been celebrated all over the world this summer.

I’m honored that Tom Naples, a folk music researcher, banjo and guitar player, saw Jean and me perform last fall and asked us to learn this music with him.  We formed the “Rising River String Band” and have performed three hour-long sets of Woody’s music so far, including one on his 100th birthday here at the Silver City Museum – to a record crowd!

We’re currently editing and mixing the recordings we made to create an album of twelve songs with brief historical introductions.  We hope to announce the CD release soon.

I’m also playing bass in the Loose Blues Band – a favorite rock-n- roll/rhythm-and-blues dance band.

Yes, two duos and two bands!  My schedule has been busy this summer, and again:  I’m very grateful.

Thank you for checking out my schedule, finding the performances that interest you, and coming out to support me and the venues that support local musicians.

If you have a birthday, an anniversary, or any other celebration coming up, I’ll be honored if you’ll consider me for providing the music.

I can help you with music for almost any occasion – dance music, sweet love songs, country, or folk.  Performing for over 40 years, I have about 1,000 songs in my repertoire, so I can almost certainly help you fulfill your needs.

Any thoughts to share with me?  I’ll appreciate your comments!  Thanks ~

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Hope to see you around.

“Now let’s just let the music play….”

Peace and Love,


3 responses to “Hello, My Friends!

  1. I have had the privilege, over the years, of playing with Greg in various venues and configurations. He is a seasoned
    professional, very fun and easy to blend with.
    Whenever you have the opportunity to hear Greg
    and Jean– Please do so.
    They’ll make your day — afternoon– night –LIFE!
    In Awe~
    Shems Nickle


  2. Beyond the excellent musicianship, the “message” in the songs and lyrics is thought-provoking and important–e.g. the tribute to Woody Guthrie was historically informative and applicable to today’s social/economic times. Well done.


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