“Old Man River” Feature Article

120810 Charles&Greg 074cr“Old Man River” I’ve just been dubbed in a nice article written by Donna Clayton Walter for the regional arts and culture monthly in southwestern New Mexico, Desert Exposure.  

Her epithet comes from the fact that I lived most of my life at various points along the Missouri River (once so close it surrounded my house), and now I live near the Gila River which I visit every chance I get.

The article takes us back to my childhood and early adulthood along the Missouri River, fighting to save the Meramec River, working to stop a nuclear power plant (with Jackson Browne’s help), protest songs, passive solar energy work, a host of performing friends, music festivals, and on up to the present.  You can read all about it here.

If I could add another paragraph or two, they would visit the years of musical friendships with Ken Baker and Missouri River historian and musician Bob Dyer.  Maybe another blog….

And check out my music schedule.  I’d love to see you at a performance!


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Love and Peace ~


(Thanks, Donna!)

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