Singing at the Festival of the Cranes!

120714 Guthriecr  030 Jean Ann and I are honored to perform at the internationally-acclaimed Festival of the Cranes, held to celebrate and honor the ancient Sandhill Cranes which migrate yearly from Alaska to the lower 48, where the magnificent birds settle for the winter in natural areas from the Midwest to the Southwest, where they are protected for breeding and raising their young at locations including the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, a world-class birding destination near Socorro, New Mexico.

To honor this event, we’re preparing original and cover music that honors love of the Southwest, the natural world, home, friendship, birds, gardens, and more – a mix of folk-rock with country flavor.

Making the event even more special, we’re scheduled at the Garcia Opera House, “one of the outstanding historic landmarks in Socorro,” New Mexico.  The historic building, wonderfully maintained and exquisitely painted, contains one of the last “rake” stages in the nation.  (Invented in Shakespearean times, rake stages are sloped slightly downward toward the audience.)

Garcia-Opera-House-Interior The Festival will take place from Tuesday, November 19 through Sunday, November 24.  We’ll take the stage for the final performance of the day on this stage, on Friday, the 22nd, from 3:30 – 5 pm.  More information can be found at


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