Loved Socorro’s “Festival of the Cranes”!

Settling in back home after a wonderful trip to Socorro, New Mexico.


Jean Ann and I performed in the beautiful, historic, adobe Garcia Opera House, incidentally one of the last three “rake stages” in the United States.  (Rake stages, invented in Shakespearean days, are sloped slightly toward the audience.)

While the exterior is as modest as a plain, rectangular, adobe building can be, the interior is beautifully painted with the goddesses of Music and Drama to the sides and cherubs overhead.  In this photo, the wonderful vocalist Jen Exten takes the stage before us.  (The psychedelic angles are digital panorama artifact.)


The sound and lighting folks were the best, even offering to videotape the performance.  Always nice to have that sort of help!  Thanks, guys.

Our live performance of “Ode to Billy [the Kid]” at the Garcia Opera House is now posted to Vimeo.  More will soon follow.

And “A Few More Miles,” “Gila River Ravine,” and “Ode to Billy” are all up on YouTube.

Thanks to everyone who made our stay special!

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