Cancelled: Rodney Henderson and “Karmin and Associates” on Silver City Acoustic this week

Rodney Henderson

Rodney Henderson

This show is CANCELLED.  Unfortunately, our transmitter has gone down and we’re off the air, though still broadcasting live on  Because two of our five musicians have full-time jobs and little children at home, for which this show posed significant family challenges, we are rescheduling the show until a later date when we’re on the air again, hopefully soon!

Our first guest this week on “Silver City Acoustic” will be Rodney Henderson, a multi-talented musician who plays drums and guitar and writes and sings original music and favorite “roadhouse” songs.  He currently leads The Roadrunners and previously drummed for the Oversouls, and also drums occasionally for The Loose Blues Band.

Karmin Hoffman of "Karmin and Associates"

Karmin Hoffman of “Karmin and Associates”

“Karmin and the Associates” is comprised of Karmin Hoffman and Paul Hotvedt, both of whom play guitar while Karmin sings in her inimitable style.  We’ll get Karmin to tell her stories of meeting Elvis, Diana Ross, and Maria Muldauer!

Thanks to our guests last week, Awna Tiexiera of the Po’ Girls, visiting with her side man, Jay Speed, and local singer-guitarist Asa Martin!  It was a pleasure getting to know you all – and for Asa, getting to know you a little better.  All great musicians!


Awna Tiexiera and Jay Speed

Awna Tiexiera and Jay Speed

So, tune in and tune up –

“Silver City Acoustic” on KURU 89.1 FM, 6:15-ish – 8 pm MT

or stream it live on!

Asa Martin

Asa Martin

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