Heart-nourishing Feedback on “Lying Here With You”

Hi Friends,

Just gotta share some wonderful feedback on the song Jean and I wrote in 2012 and recently recorded and shared with a lot of you, “Lying Here with You”:  40 Facebook likes (no, not thousands, yet), great comments from around the nation, and praise from two remarkable singer-songwriters:

Lavinia Ross, an Oregon singer/songwriter of beautiful music , wrote very nice words.  She’s living a life similar to ours in the Northwest, all about music and gardening, the good, simple life.   You can hear it here, and read her wonderful blog, Salmon Brook Farmshere.

And Terri Hendrix, award-winning Texas singer-songwriter, who toured through Silver City last March teamed up with Grammy-award-winning Lloyd Maines and was on our radio show, wrote:  “FANTASTIC!  Way to go.  This is really beautiful.  Love the harmonies and the beauty in the song!”

Terri’s site is amazing too.  She’s a force of nature, doing lots of good in lots of ways:  Check it out!

In case you missed our gentle love song, we’re proud to post our simple recording once more:  “Lying Here with You.”

Thanks, y’all!  Have a great day ~

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