Fun Music for a Halloween Night!

Ahhhh ~

Settling on in after my week away, back to work painting a deck for friends, giving guitar lessons, puttering around the house and garden.

Now I’m ready to play an evening of rockin’ acoustic music with my friends, Charlie Alfero on mandolin and tenor guitar, Dale Rucklos on his Taylor 6-string acoustic, and Paul DeMarco on flute.

And for Halloween, I’ve worked up a tune by my old friend, Missourian Bob Dyer, called “Phantom Black Carriage.”  It’s a true story about a couple who committed a murder and … well, I won’t spoil the song except to tell you that “people still see the carriage, and a woman in a black silk gown.”  Woo-oo-oo-oo-oo!

So, this is IT for my musical week:  Tonight!  Friday, October 31, Greg and Charlie (with Dale and Paul) at Diane’s Parlor, 6-9 pm.  Free, of course, with your fine food or drink.  Fine folks and company too!

In case you need a reminder of the fun energy that can be enjoyed at Diane’s, here’s a recording made last year with Kevin Compton and Shems Nickel:  “Ode to Billy,” raw, live, rocking’!

And thanks always for supporting your local musicians!

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