“Rebel Jesus – and other songs and stories of the season”

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful autumn as much as I am.  And if you’re in the mood for socializing with music, I’d like to invite you to one or both of performances I’m involved in this weekend – including one special concert.

GnCnJSaturday night, December 6, 6-9 pm
Greg and Charlie (Charlie Alfero and I) will perform with bassist Jeff Ray and guitarist Dale Rucklos at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N. Bullard, downtown Silver City.  Fine food and drink, fine folks, and a rocking’ good time with our mandolin-guitar mix of original folk/Americana and favorite rare folk-rock covers.

(OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems we must have missed the anniversary, but Charlie and I have been performing together for over ten years now!  We have one album, Settle On In, and our work has been included in five compilations!  And we’ve never stopped having fun!  Thanks for a great decade, Charlie!)

Sunday afternoon, December 7, 1-3 pm, Greg and Jean
 (with Jeff Ray on bass) will perform a special concert “Rebel Jesus – and other songs and stories of the season – of holy days, apocalypse, and Gila River defense” – a long title, but there’s a lot going on that deserves a song!

rebel jesus posterFirst, Jean wants everyone to know that the word apocalypse means “the revealing” or “the time when we see clearly.”  Isn’t that just what our world is waiting for – now?  And lucky for us, some of our favorite songwriters – Jackson Brown, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, in particular – have written some phenomenal songs about mystical events, cataclysmic events, and opening our eyes – songs that need to be heard and remembered.

The season of Gila River defense has inspired us to gather a collection of river songs, including my one-and-only protest song from the days I worked to help protect the Merrimac River in Missouri (and the famous, huge Onondaga Cave below it from being flooded) from a dam.  Like a lot of protest music, it pokes good fun at engineers and bureaucrats.  (We’ll begin the show with these.)

We have another fun original song very few in New Mexico have heard, about a flood I endured on the Missouri River – downstream from a whole slew of dams, dikes, diversions, and engineers!  “High Water Refugee” is the song, and it was also the name of a band I had for years back in the 80s. Looking forward to reviving it for you all!

Finally, the season of giving will finish up the show with Jackson Browne’s classic “Rebel Jesus” and Peter Mayer’s “Holy Now.”

GnJnJ croppedYankee Creek Coffee House is a wonderful place to hang and chat and visit, and early birds can grab the sofa!  Coffee, tea, and baked goods.  Perfect Sunday afternoon?

Welcome also the Rain!
Support local music!

~ Greg

PS  Don’t miss the grand opening of “It Takes a Village” non-for-profit shop across from Javalina’s on Texas and Market – this Saturday, Dec 6.

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