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sca posterOn Thursday, January 16, 2014, “Silver City Acoustic” took to the airwaves with a weekly program on KURU FM, 89.1, featuring local and traveling musicians in and around Silver City, New Mexico.

For five months, until June 19, 2014, the show aired each Thursday, 6-8 pm, and was streamed around the world on (Gila-Mimbres Community Radio – named for the two major rivers to the east and west of Silver City).

greg n Lloyd n Terri

Host Greg Renfro with guests Grammy-award-winning Lloyd Maines and award-winning singer/songwriter Terri Hendrix, on March 20, 2014.

Though we no longer host the show, we’ll be happy to get you in touch with other fine producers who might help promote your show or provide interview time.  Or, visit Gila-Mimbres Community Radio / KURU-FM online at


Blogs on our 50-some interviews are in the blog list to the right ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >

Our last show ironically featured bassist Jeff “Santa Rita Slim” Ray and Jean (my cohost), and myself.  Feedback included this note from musical (and comic) performer Gurney Dobbs:
       I was happy to catch you appearing on your own show on Thursday.  I really liked your version of the political song by Jackson Browne.  I had never heard it before.  Also The Great Divide by Kate Wolf who is one of my favorites.  I think the Gila River Ravine is a beautiful song.  I’m greatly impressed by how well you both can sing on key and do harmony, and the guitar and bass sounded great too.  I find a lot of depth in the show, like for example discovering that Charlie Alfero was not just another hobo who somehow learned to play the mandolin but a CEO of HMS, one of our most prestegeous institutions.
                      Bravo, Gurnie  

2 responses to “Radio Show

  1. Tried to listen to first show but nothing played or downloaded.

    Like your songs (myspace, youtube, etc.)
    I’m a singer-songwriter in Santa Fe and publisher of Grassroots Press ( Say hi to Kyle and to Jean.


    • Thanks, Steve! I’ll check out the show archive and see if I can get you an answer to why the show wouldn’t play or download. Ironically, I can’t get your MySpace site to play! But I’ll keep trying. Jean says Hello and that you published a piece of hers a few years ago. Thanks for the good work you do. Perhaps we’ll connect sometime when we’re up your way.


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