Be There! High Noon!

Hey Friends,

Pickamania-Logo_sm1Gotta ask something of ya’s – We need you to be at Gough Park on Saturday by noon, or 12:15 at the latest!

That’s when the (new) Gypsy Feet Band will take the stage (2nd act of the day) at Silver City’s 7th Annual Pickamania!

We’ve been working with all our hearts on our all-original set, songs written by myself and by Charlie Alfero, and we’re WAY jazzed!

DSC05609In case you haven’t heard us in awhile, we now have a 7-piece band!  Our folk-rock-Americana is filled out with not only guitars and Charlie’s mandolin and Jeff Ray’s bass, but with congas, flute, and fiddle – a tight, rockin’ sound that’s guaranteed to move your dancin’ feet!

So come on out and support your home-town (and regionally-important) folk festival – and us!

See you in the park ~

Let’s all have a great weekend ~  (And pray to send any rain on Saturday and Sunday into the Gila Wilderness.)

120810 Charles&Greg 020crLove and Peace,


PS  Friday, I’ll be playing bass with elder bluesman Scott van Linge and drummer Rodney Henderson (The Loose Blues Band) at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N Bullard, downtown Silver City, 6-9 pm.

Four Different Performances this Weekend and Next

Hey Friends ~

As we’re planning our weekends, I thought I’d let you know I’m looking forward to four different sorts of performances:  with the new Gypsy Feet Band, with the Loose Blues Band, solo, and with Charlie and few guest musicians still to be determined. Hope to see you soon!

20150410_205752Friday, 24th, 6-9 pm:  Greg and Charlie and the Gypsy Feet Band will perform original folk and favorite folk-rock covers at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N Bullard, in Silver City’s downtown historic district.  Fine food and drink, and fine folks.

Saturday, 25th, 6:30- 9 pm: The Loose Blues Band will play classic blues, rock, country and folk at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N Bullard, in Silver City’s downtown historic district.  Fine food and drink, and fine folks.

Thursday, 30th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm:  Greg will play a couple of solo sets of original folk-rock and favorite rare folk-rock covers at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N Bullard, in Silver City’s downtown historic district.  Fine food and drink, and fine folks.

Saturday, August 1st, 9 – 11 am:  Greg and friends (assorted members of the Gypsy Feet Band) will perform original folk and favorite folk-rock covers at the Farmers Market, east of Bullard Street between 7th and 8th Streets in downtown Silver City.

Thanks for supporting local music ~

Love and Peace,


rockhoundnight4PS  In coming weeks, we have gigs at The Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery, Rockhound State Park, Pickamania, and the Festival of the Written Word!   To see the full schedule, click here.

Full Moon Energy, New Video, & Upcoming Performance

Big thanks to Jeff Ray for taking some phone-camera videos of Charlie and me last Saturday at the Yankie Creek Coffee House, here in Silver City, NM.

I’d like to share this video of my song about being away and coming “Home again.”  (Second song on the page)  Hope you like it!

The Waxing Gibbous Moon energy of the last week has kept us up late many nights and working most of Sunday redesigning my website.  I’m so excited about the changes (Thank you, Jean Ann~ ), I want to point out that my site’s now both more attractive with things easier to find, but we can now listen to recordings of my original songs and watch videos of some performances without leaving my site and having to deal with the quirks of YouTube and other sites.

I hope you’ll check out the rest of the site, “like” things, comment, share, and subscribe if you haven’t already.  Thanks ~  (You can unsubscribe, of course, at anytime.)

I intend to be more regular about posting.  I’m going to aim for one short post like this once a week.

Just to scan all the post titles on the right column of this site is a heady flashback to all the great shows and guests Jean and I hosted over 5 months on “Silver City Acoustic” (on our local community radio station, Gila-Mimbres Community Radio) – including Lloyd Maines (Grammy award-winning producer and phenomenal musician I’ve been admiring for decades) and Terry Hendrix (award-winning Texas singer-songwriter I’ve come to appreciate immensely) and many, many more amazing guests, local and touring, that we had the pleasure to meet.

Speaking of local and touring musicians, did you know our own, local, amazing bluesman Jammin’ Jeff used to tour with Bo Diddley for twenty-some years!?  Yeah!  What a great couple of shows we had with Jeff in the studio.  Hope to do it again.

Coming up:  this Saturday, I’ll play bass with friends, luthier and bluesman Scott van Linge and killer percussionist Rodney Henderson – as The Loose Blues Band9-11 am at the Farmer’s Market – one of the last markets of the year.

There are still tables piled high with the last of summer harvest, so don’t miss it!  Not only do you get to buy the best food available in our world, but then you can relax, enjoy some music, even dance, and reconnect with friends and acquaintances on this wonderful Harvest Moon weekend before we all huddle indoors for the winter!  It’s still nice to be outside on a Silver City morning!  Hope to see you there.

Quick look ahead:  Charlie Alfero and I, perhaps with guests, will be playing at Diane’s Parlor the last two Fridays of this month, the 24th and 31st (Halloween – costumes?), 6-9 pm.  Expect fun!


Barbie Williamson & Charlie Alfero on “Silver City Acoustic” tonight!

Both our guests this evening have the distinction of having an original song accepted for inclusion on the compilation CD Wild Gila:  Forever Free – and being invited to perform their songs at the upcoming Gila River film festival and CD release celebration this Saturday, June 7, at the Pinos Altos Opera House in Pinos Altos, NM.  (The fundraiser will support the defense of the free-flowing Gila River by the Gila River Information Project.)

barbiewilliamsonBarbie Williamson is a singer/songwriter in the folk tradition.  “Raised in mountains of West Virginia, she has been involved with music for almost 50 years, with her primary influences being bluegrass, folk, blues, rock and roll, and a little bit of country.  Playing primarily the 12-string guitar, her melodies are enchanting; her voice, gentle; her lyrics, potent and living words that penetrate to the deepest places inside of you.”

She has two albums released and a third almost ready for release.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACharlie Alfero is a folk musician known for his skills on the mandolin and tenor guitar.  He has played as a sideman for a number of musicians in and around southwest New Mexico and has been performing in a duo with Greg Renfro for a decade, during which they released the album, Settle on In.  He has appeared in two “Tucson Folk Festivals” and a handful of “Glenwoodstocks,” and he continues to perform regularly in and around Silver City.  His song “Simple Things” is on the new Wild Gila  CD.

So tune in and tune up to

KURU 89.1 FM – 6:15-ish – 8 pm (MT)

or stream it live at!



Still Buzzing …. From Santa Fe to Socorro to Diane’s!

Hello My Friends,

greg n Lloyd n TerriTwo weeks ago, I had the honor of hosting phenomenal performer Terri Hendrix and Grammy-Award winner Lloyd Maines on the radio show

Having admired Lloyd for years, it was quite the experience to just sit at his elbow, and more so to visit on-air.

And listeners have been exclaiming regularly what “great sound” the station has!  Yes, Kyle has done a wonderful engineering job.

So I was still buzzing when we left the radio show in the capable hands of Azaima Anderson last week, as Jean and I headed off to Santa Fe to attend the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) conference to learn and share ideas and photo 1songs with other folk musicians.  We enjoyed the talents of Carl Struck, Mollie O’Brien, David Berkely, Country Blues Revue, Cactus Tractor, and many more great-hearted folks who love music.

sca posterMany musicians were impressed to learn about our new local community radio station, KURU, 89.1 FM, and our “Silver City Acoustic” radio show that I host with Jean, and expressed new interest in putting Silver City onto their tours!  (One more benefit of community radio!  Touring artists are more attracted to our town!)  Of course, we also told them about the new music-and-great-food brewery/venue in town, and took home many CD’s from artists to pass around to the appropriate venues.

photo 2

The Old Town Bistro (historical Baca House) off the old town plaza in beautiful downtown Socorro.

Saturday night, we were booked into Socorro’s Old Town Bistro, and had the pleasure of bass player Jeff Ray meeting us there (from Bayard) and two excellent musician-friends from Socorro, Bill Giebitz and Jeannie Dixon, join us on guitar and fiddle at the end of the evening.  Thank you all for tripling the fun!  We played til after 11!

Performing at the Bistro

Performing at the Bistro

We had a great night, especially enjoying the fact that many of our Socorro musician friends were there – despite having been up late the night before to celebrate this ending of an era – the Bistro is closing!  We played the last Saturday.

The plaza in downtown Socorro

The plaza in downtown Socorro

The next morning, we walked around the beautiful, grassy, tree-lined downtown plaza with its park benches, historic adobe architecture, a great little coffee shop (with lovely pastries), all surrounded by mountains and desert – a small town almost as lovely as this one!

But the fun’s not over!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, I’m happy to be playing again with my good friend, Charlie Alfero – this Saturday night, April 5, at Diane’s Parlor – with Kevin Compton sitting in with us, and possibly a guest drummer.  6-9 pm.  Fine food and drink, and fine folks.  Music is free.

I’m always honored and delighted when friends and acquaintances come out to attend a performance – so thank you for putting this date on your calendar.

I also appreciate comments and likes on my website!  Thanks!

Peace and Love,