Iya Kahn and Houndog on “Silver City Acoustic”

iya kahnOur 5th “Silver City Acoustic” show started off with Dr. Iya Kahn, playing his first acoustic music ever in Silver City – impressing us with a whole new sound – and very sweet – including originals and love songs for Valentine’s Day.

We heard about his growing up in Detroit, living with his musician father as a young adult in New York City, meeting many of the world’s great musicians there, and gigging regularly in Las Vegas.

Now, he’s decided to exit the fast lane and settle in our quiet little burg – and we’re glad of it.

houndogAnd thanks to Tom “Houndog” Romancik, our second guest, who played some fine guitar and dobro – also called a “houndog,” how he got his name – and also sang a soulful mix of originals and covers for us.

We’re glad this musician from Sante Fe and Socorro (where he played with some fine musician friends of mine) has chosen Silver City as his new home.  We expect to be hearing him more around town. 

Put it on your calendar to listen next week, when our guests will be Phil and Mary Brown in the first hour and the Latchkey Kids in the second.  We’ll also be giving away a Red Molly CD in a phone-in contest!

So, tune in and tune up – to KURU 89.1 FM, your station for local music like you never heard it before!  

Or stream it live at GMCR.org

6-8 pm MST – Thursdays.  (Actually 6:15 or so, after the community calendar and Workers Independent News.)

Have a great week, and thanks for listening~

Love and Peace,