Iya Kahn and Houndog on “Silver City Acoustic”

iya kahnOur 5th “Silver City Acoustic” show started off with Dr. Iya Kahn, playing his first acoustic music ever in Silver City – impressing us with a whole new sound – and very sweet – including originals and love songs for Valentine’s Day.

We heard about his growing up in Detroit, living with his musician father as a young adult in New York City, meeting many of the world’s great musicians there, and gigging regularly in Las Vegas.

Now, he’s decided to exit the fast lane and settle in our quiet little burg – and we’re glad of it.

houndogAnd thanks to Tom “Houndog” Romancik, our second guest, who played some fine guitar and dobro – also called a “houndog,” how he got his name – and also sang a soulful mix of originals and covers for us.

We’re glad this musician from Sante Fe and Socorro (where he played with some fine musician friends of mine) has chosen Silver City as his new home.  We expect to be hearing him more around town. 

Put it on your calendar to listen next week, when our guests will be Phil and Mary Brown in the first hour and the Latchkey Kids in the second.  We’ll also be giving away a Red Molly CD in a phone-in contest!

So, tune in and tune up – to KURU 89.1 FM, your station for local music like you never heard it before!  

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6-8 pm MST – Thursdays.  (Actually 6:15 or so, after the community calendar and Workers Independent News.)

Have a great week, and thanks for listening~

Love and Peace,


Dr. Iya Kahn and “Houndog” on “Silver City Acoustic” This Thursday


Dr. Iya Khan

Dr. Iya Kahn is widely known around town for energizing audiences, singing and playing clean, jazzy/bluesy guitar riffs over his pre-recorded – his own original – tracks of classic rock and blues favorites.

This Thursday evening, though, Iya will unplug from that marvelous machinery and just bring his acoustic guitar to share with us some of his original music!  Looking forward to visiting and talking music with this dynamic man of Soul, Dr. Iya Kahn.

Tom "Houndog" Romancik

Tom “Houndog” Romancik

In the second hour, we’ll get to know a fairly new arrival in town:  Tom “Houndog” Romancik.  From northern New Mexico, Taos most recently, Tom played a couple of sets we caught at Yankie Creek Coffee House where he inspired numerous ovations with his original rock and blues.

Looking forward to both these guests, both dynamic performers.

In case you haven’t noticed, Silver City Acoustic begins after three short KURU items:  Community Calendar, Workers’ Independent News, and Radio Bilingue – about 17 minutes after the top of the hour.  After a short break around 7 pm, we come back with a Music Calendar, then introduce our second guest.

Musicians are coming forward, and we’re developing a great calendar of music for you all.  So, thanks for listening – and let me know what you think at sca@gmcr.org.

Tune In and Tune Up! at KURU 89.1 FM, 6-8 pm, Thursdays
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(Eventually, we’ll be able to archive one some of our shows – those with little or no ASCAP/BMI licensed music.  Until then, live is where it’s at and nowhere else.)

Andrew Dahl-Bredine and Don Beams et al Great Guests!

Andrew in studio

Had a great time last Thursday on my third “Silver City Acoustic” show!  Andrew Dahl-Bredine played music from Africa, Brazil, and his own original work, one flavored with Zimbabwean elements, a couple children’s songs (singing with stars in our mouths!  yes!), and another, titled “Campfire,” which won him the “Best Songwriter of the Year” award at the Tucson Folk Festival in 2011.

We’re wishing Andrew the best on his upcoming CD release – later this week!  Watch for it!

We also had Don Beams on the show with his two new trio-mates, Becky Burnell on vocals and Bobby T on blues harp.  They impressed us with the most beautiful “divorce song” we ever heard! – an original by Don with beautiful harmonies – and much more.  Keep an ear out for these folks!

Thanks to all our listeners in the immediate 89.1 FM area, and thanks to all those listening on the web, GMCR.org!

Love the comments I’m getting!  Please send your comments to me via email at sca@gmcr.org.  I love to know who’s listening and what you think.

Also, regarding streaming from the archives after the show’s over – this option will only be possible, if we take the time to edit out any cover songs.  If anyone wants to volunteer, learn a new skill in the process, and just be part of a wonderful group of folks running your community radio, please let me know, and we’ll start building an archive that YOU can listen to anytime and even download as podcasts!  Powerful stuff!  Needs a volunteer.

“Oh, People, look among you.  It’s there your hopes must lie.”  — Jackson Browne

Love and Peace,



Andrew Dahl-Bredine and Don Beams, et al, on “Silver City Acoustic,” 89.1 KURU-FM

DSC04015My first guests tonight on “Silver City Acoustic” will be singer/songwriter Don Beams along with blues-harp-player “Bobby T” and fok-rock-jazz vocalist Becky Burnell, an as-yet-unnamed, newly formed trio.

Don and Bobby T might be familiar to those watching the music scene in Silver City the past few years.  Becky is a performer from northern New Mexico and relative newcomer to town.  

Bobby T has played with Grammy Award winner Charlie Musslewhite and Chizmo Charles at the famed Blue Note in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

The three are currently working on Don’s first album of original music, and they’ll share with us some of those tunes and stories about their musical lives.  Don’s unique guitar picking and vocals draw compliments for their sensitive and humorous storytelling.


In the second hour, my guest will be Andrew Dahl-Bredine, Silver City songwriter, singer/musician, family man, and world-traveler, who teaches children through music and nature.

Andrew is known for playing a wide variety of music from around the world, primarily South America and Africa, and playing instruments from many cultures.  He has five albums, and was named “Songwriter of the Year” by the 2011 Tucson Folk Festival.

Other praise garnered by Andrew includes:

“You can’t believe the journeys he takes you on: deep into your memory, deep into your joy; deep into the spirit, the madness, and the heart of the human experience.”  –  James Medfield, High Desert Beat 

“There’s something so foreign, so exotic and unusual in his sound, and in his lyrics; yet somehow he leaves the audience feeling so at home, so comfortable, so close…” – Nena Garcia, Acoustic Review

So turn on your radio, or pull up your laptop, and tune in for two hours of wonderful live music and conversation.

KURU FM, 89.1.  GMCR.org.

Love and Peace,


Ana Egge, SC String Beans on SC Acoustic

photoAna Egge performed her moving and powerful music and shared stories about her childhood, some in Silver City, her early professional days in Austin, connections with artists like Shawn Colvin, Steve Earle, Levon Helms, Iris Dement, and others, and talked about her current family and part-time cabin home here in Grant County.  She played an original inspired by her reading a biography of Silver City’s famous madame Milly, called “Silver Heels” – among other very beautiful original tunes, ending her set with an original version of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” with swift slide work on her guitar.  It was a wonderful hour with a gracious artist we’re proud to call our own.


In the second hour, local favorites, the Silver City String Beans, Skippy Sanders, Martha Egnal, and Doug Smith, upped the energy even more with their rousing bluegrass, reggae, and rip-roaring folk songs – including an as-yet-unnamed original by local hero Jeff Goin that has been selected for inclusion on the new Gila River compilation album.  They also performed one of my favorite John Hartford songs, “Steam Powered Aero Plane,” and one of my favorite Jimmy Cliff songs, “The Harder They Fall.”  Fun and easy conversation included their stories of arriving in Silver City, each their own story, and the work they do here to make this community a better place.

If you missed the show, plan to listen to it in the archives (available now) at GMCR.org, under “Programs” and “Silver City Acoustic“!

Tune in next week, same time, same place on the dial – 89.1 KURU FM – when we’ll visit with Andrew Dahl-Bredine about his upcoming CD – and visit with another guest to be announced soon.

Every Thursday evening 6-8 pm.  Tune in and tune up!


Ana Egge & String Beans This Week!

Ana_Egge_Jack_Hirschorn_1-300x199So looking forward to hosting “Silver City Acoustic” this week!

In the first hour we’ll have Silver City’s Ana Egge – now residing in Brooklyn – in the studio, playing live and talking about her life and current album produced by Steve Earle.  Can’t wait to ask her about her sessions in Levon Helms’ studio in Woodstock, New York!  We might also learn about her growing up with three sisters and parents who “dropped out” and then started “Down to Earth School” here in Silver.  Ana has a huge, loyal following, so if you haven’t heard her yet, you must tune in.  And tell your friends!

“Ana is a somewhat best-kept secret of the music scene.” —Maïa Davies of Ladies of the Canyon

46690_10151423002226591_2059556652_nIn our second hour, we’ll visit with the Silver City String Beans – Skippy Sanders (mandolin, vocals), Martha Egnal (guitar, vocals), and Doug Smith (bass, vocals).  (Thomas Wentz, fiddle and vocals, is unfortunately out of town.)

Silver City is fortunate to have musicians like this, who also give so much else to the community in the way of healthy food and healthy living in particular – though most people know them best for their toe-tapping, foot-stomping  good time.  I’m honored to have them on the show.

So pull up your radio, turn it up, and get ready to stomp around in your kitchen or wherever you are!  Push back the tables!

KURU FM 89.1 from 6-8 this Thursday, January 23 – and every Thursday.  If you can’t tune in then, remember to check the archives for the show at GMCR.org.

Love and Peace,


Hosting “Silver City Acoustic”

Hi Friends,

sca posterI’m happy to announce that I’m the host of a new show, “Silver City Acoustic,” on our local community radio.  The show will feature music and conversation with local and touring musicians in and around Silver City, New Mexico.

This is an exciting adventure as I’ve been thinking about something like this for a few years now.  I’ve been in touch with just a few musicians so far – this idea was launched less than a week ago! – but the response has been very positive, and I’m excited about the possibilities!

Silver City has nurtured so many fine musicians, and some of them don’t even play out!  I’m planning to bring a wide range of acoustic music to our community radio listeners – along with storytelling and conversation to get to know these interesting people.

20060114223847-745272This week, I’ll interview Jeanie McLerie and Ken Keppeler of Bayou Seco fame, and expect to learn about their Europeans gigs, their fiddle making, and some stories behind the  broad spectrum of music they play, from Cajun and cowboy to Hispanic and Tohono O’Odham!

1361288605_4515c9cdf40841051f6ed5bfeecaba642f68a61bIn the second hour, we’ll visit with touring musician and guitar virtuoso Thomas Radcliffe, on the road with music and stories to share!

“Silver City Acoustic” will air on station KURU FM – 89.1 – every Thursday evening, 6-8 pm MST.

KURU is run by the non-profit Gila-Mimbres Community Radio.  It can also be heard by streaming live or from the archives anytime at GMCR.org.   To access the archives, click “Programs” and then “Silver City Acoustic.”

So tune in your radios, pull up your laptops, and tune up to some live music and great conversation!  Join us!

January Music for the New Year!

g smiling crop scm

Hello My Friends,  

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to play with so many fine musicians in town, to play my original music as well as select covers of favorite musicians from the likes of Bob Dylan and Jackson Brown to Kate Wolf and so many others.

I’m always honored and delighted when friends and acquaintances come out to attend a performance – so thank you for putting these dates on your calendar:  

Friday, 10th, 6 – 9 pm:  Loose Blues Band at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N Bullard, downtown Silver City.  Fine food and drink.

Friday, 17th, 6 – 9 pm:  Greg and Charlie with Kevin Compton at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N Bullard, downtown Silver City.  Fine food and drink.

Saturday, 18th, 2-4 pm:  Greg and Jean Ann at Yankie Creek Coffee House at Yankie and Texas Streets in the center of the arts district downtown.  Original folk-country and select favorites.  Coffees and desserts.

Friday, 24th, 7:30-10 pm:  Loose Blues Band will perform classic blues, rock, folk, and country at the new Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery, downtown Silver City a the corner of Broadway and Bullard.  Fine food, local micro-brews and local distilled drinks.

Saturday, 25th, 6-9 pm:  Loose Blues Band at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N Bullard, downtown Silver City.  Fine food and drink.

Tuesday, 28th, 6-9 pm:  Greg with Kevin Compton at Diane’s Parlor, 510 N Bullard, downtown Silver City.  Fine food and drink.

I also appreciate comments and likes on my!  Thanks!

Peace and Love,


“Ode to Billy [the Kid]” honored in promotional film

220px-Billy_the_Kid_correctedRenfro original “Ode to Billy [the Kid]” opens a new short film, “Silver City Dreaming,” promoting Silver City and Grant County, New Mexico, to film producers around the world.

The historically-based “Ode to Billy” helps introduce the storyline of the short film, which quickly becomes a fantasy that has Dorothy of Kansas waking up in the middle of a street in historic downtown Silver City, where she meets up with Billy the Kid and Geronimo and finds herself in a high-speed car chase around the county before waking up on a filmset and discovering she’s fallen off her chair.20120609_064957_061012.SC.A.film1a_GALLERY

A news article last year described the project.

d7a332411e14769f300879cf8b1d4da6_XLThe film was first shown publicly March 2014 at the 60th Anniversary celebration of the famously- and controversially-banned, Red Scare-era movie, Salt of the Earth, filmed in Grant County, NM, based on the famous labor strike that won rights for Mexican-American miners in the early 1950s.  Some of the participants in the historic fight, now in their 70s and 80s, attended the screening, participated in a discussion panel, and saw the film for the first time that night.  (Salt of the Earth can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube.)

The filmmakers’ union in the 50s was unfortunately not sympathetic to Salt of the Earth but now works hard to promote all unions in NM, including filmmaking, for which “Silver City Dreaming” was chosen to precede the Salt of the Earth screening.

settleonin art@0The song, “Ode to Billy,” was written when a lawsuit was pending to exhume Billy the Kid’s mother from her Silver City, NM, gravesite to get DNA to prove whether or not Billy was actually buried in his purported grave in Lincoln County, New Mexico.  Rumors abound that Billy was never killed by his friend, Sheriff Pat Garret, and lived to be an old man, while another body, or nothing, lies in the grave.

“Ode to Billy” was performed by Greg Renfro on guitar and Charlie Alfero on mandolin.  It was recorded on the Settle On In CD in 2008 at Barefoot Studios in Arenas Valley, New Mexico.  It can be heard here.


Well, they say he rode from Kansas
along the Chisholm Trail
wound up in Silver City
bussing tables at the Star Hotel

Took a life of thievin’
til one good man lay dead
For a thrill and eighteen dollars
put a bullet right through his head

(CHORUS) Didn’t give a damn about the law
just how quick he could draw
didn’t give a damn what he did
Billy the Kidd

(v2) So he rode to Lincoln County
a range war it was called
Fell in with desperadoes
the wrong side of the law

His future took a tragic turn
when two more men lay dead
Now Billy was a wanted kid
with a bounty on his head


(v3) Well, they caught him in Mesilla
in the middle of the night
Pat Garrett and his posse
swore they’d make things right

Convicted of the killings
and sentenced to hang
But Fate, she had a different plan
for Garrett and his gang


(v4) Now some say Pat shot Billy
took the law in his hand
others claim Billy lived
to be a tired old man

Legends they lie buried
stories often told
some in Silver City
go grave-diggin’ for gold.

CHORUS: Don’t give a damn where he’s hid
rest in peace Billy the Kid
Don’t give a damn where he’s hid
rest in Peace Billy the Kid.