Two performances downtown this week!

Hello My Friends!

DSC05441 cuNo music last weekend meant that I was able to finish, with Jean, the last fencing around our house, including a gate, and two gate handles hand-crafted from oak branches.  We’re proud to show ’em off here!  Hope you all have been getting your last outdoor chores completed too ~

This week I’m happy to be performing twice.

DSC04697Wednesday, November 12, 4-7 pm, Scott vanLinge and I (duo version of the Loose Blues Band) will perform our classic blues, folk, rock and country at a SNAP* fundraising benefit at the gastronomically-famous** Alotta Gelato at 619 N Bullard (just south of 7th Street).  After a set or so, I’ll play a few solo pieces, and then Jean will join me for a short set of new material we’ve been perfecting.  So, come on downtown, get yourself a gelato, and help support this important community program.  (*SNAP is the Spay and Neuter Awareness Program.)  (**Alotta Gelato has been included in Fodor’s, Frommer’s, NY Times, and other exclusive guides, so if you haven’t been there lately, maybe you should visit!)

panorama YCCHSaturday, November 15, 2-4 pm, Scott and I (Loose Blues Band duo again) will perform at the Yankie Creek Coffee House at Texas and Yankie Streets in the arts center of historic downtown Silver City.  If you miss Wednesday, or even if you don’t, come on down and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere – comfy couches, tables and chairs, WIFI, coffees, teas, baked goods and friendly folks!  The concert, as always, is free.

Enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Support local music!

Full Moon Energy, New Video, & Upcoming Performance

Big thanks to Jeff Ray for taking some phone-camera videos of Charlie and me last Saturday at the Yankie Creek Coffee House, here in Silver City, NM.

I’d like to share this video of my song about being away and coming “Home again.”  (Second song on the page)  Hope you like it!

The Waxing Gibbous Moon energy of the last week has kept us up late many nights and working most of Sunday redesigning my website.  I’m so excited about the changes (Thank you, Jean Ann~ ), I want to point out that my site’s now both more attractive with things easier to find, but we can now listen to recordings of my original songs and watch videos of some performances without leaving my site and having to deal with the quirks of YouTube and other sites.

I hope you’ll check out the rest of the site, “like” things, comment, share, and subscribe if you haven’t already.  Thanks ~  (You can unsubscribe, of course, at anytime.)

I intend to be more regular about posting.  I’m going to aim for one short post like this once a week.

Just to scan all the post titles on the right column of this site is a heady flashback to all the great shows and guests Jean and I hosted over 5 months on “Silver City Acoustic” (on our local community radio station, Gila-Mimbres Community Radio) – including Lloyd Maines (Grammy award-winning producer and phenomenal musician I’ve been admiring for decades) and Terry Hendrix (award-winning Texas singer-songwriter I’ve come to appreciate immensely) and many, many more amazing guests, local and touring, that we had the pleasure to meet.

Speaking of local and touring musicians, did you know our own, local, amazing bluesman Jammin’ Jeff used to tour with Bo Diddley for twenty-some years!?  Yeah!  What a great couple of shows we had with Jeff in the studio.  Hope to do it again.

Coming up:  this Saturday, I’ll play bass with friends, luthier and bluesman Scott van Linge and killer percussionist Rodney Henderson – as The Loose Blues Band9-11 am at the Farmer’s Market – one of the last markets of the year.

There are still tables piled high with the last of summer harvest, so don’t miss it!  Not only do you get to buy the best food available in our world, but then you can relax, enjoy some music, even dance, and reconnect with friends and acquaintances on this wonderful Harvest Moon weekend before we all huddle indoors for the winter!  It’s still nice to be outside on a Silver City morning!  Hope to see you there.

Quick look ahead:  Charlie Alfero and I, perhaps with guests, will be playing at Diane’s Parlor the last two Fridays of this month, the 24th and 31st (Halloween – costumes?), 6-9 pm.  Expect fun!


Silver City Acoustic: Dustin Hamman returns, plus Jessie Lee Thetford

dustin hamman

Dustin Hamman returns tonight to his hometown Silver City and “Silver City Acoustic” at the end of his soundtrack-promoting tour, just as he visited the show to kick off the national tour last February.

Besides sharing some of his extraordinary music, he’ll share stories about how he and his music were selected, his process of creating the movie soundtrack, his experiences as an actor in the film, about the tour, and the two, live soundtrack performances and Beneath the Harvest Sky movie screenings that will take place this Friday and Saturday at the Pinos Altos Opera House.

7008770_origIn the second hour, our guest will be another local musician Jessie Lee Thetford, a singer/songwriter, artist, and musician whose debut album AWAKE presents an artist’s coming of age and awareness.

Her debut album-release party will be this Friday at the Little Toad Creek Inn Brewery & Distillery in Silver City.

Thanks, everyone in the Gila-Mimbres area as well as those around the nation, for listening and communicating your comments on this show!  We really appreciate the great feedback.

So tune in and tune up!

6:15-ish (whenever the Community Calendar and Workers Independent News are over)
til 8 pm – MT.

on KURU 89.1 FM Silver City

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Jammin’ Jeff returns tonight on “Silver City Acoustic”

Jammin' Jeff

Jammin’ Jeff


Tonight!!  Jammin’ Jeff, back by popular demand, will be spending the whole two hours  sharing stories and his amazing bluesmanship with us – on Silver City Acoustic, 6:15-ish – 8 pm, MT.

Last week, Jeff shared with us a few stories of his blues career, including 23 years traveling in Bo Diddley’s band.

People are writing from around the nation, telling us what a great show we have here – thanks to all the local and traveling musicians who’ve shared their time with us!

So don’t miss it!  Silver City Acoustic every Thursday night, 6:15-ish (right after the Community Calendar and Workers’ Independent News) til 8 pm, MT.

on KURU 89.1 FM

or streaming live on

Tune in and tune up!

Appreciate your listening.  And appreciate your comments –

Howie Miller with Betty Marriage, and Jammin’ Jeff Tonight!

Betty and Howie (1) Tonight on “Silver City Acoustic,” we’ll visit first with Howie Miller and Betty Marriage, best known for the band “Sleep Til Noon,” who’ve been singing together off and on since 1987.  Both grew up in Hurley, are widely known around Grant County, and will share some stories and original songs with great titles like “Isolation Blues,” “Shadows and Angels,” “One Way Train,” and more.


In the second hour, we’ll visit with “Jammin’ Jeff” Cerwinske, guitar virtuoso, sharing his original tunes, joined by Tom McCoy on harp, kicking off a wonderful Blues Festival weekend, here in Silver City!  Looking forward to hearing Jeff’s stories of traveling around the nation, playing with the likes of Bo Diddley – and learning what he’s been up to lately.  We’re in for a real treat.

So tune in and tune up  – to KURU 89.1 FM (6:15-ish – 8 pm MT)

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Azaima Anderson and Dale Rucklos tonight’s guests on Silver City Acoustic

playing on the rocksAzaima Anderson, a Kerrville New Folk Finalist who studied songwriting with Rosanne Cash, is a lyric-driven songwriter as well as an interfaith minister, astrologer, yoga teacher, and shamanic healer who uses music in her healing work.

She’ll perform music from her new CD, Heart Lightning, a fusion of her music and healing work, with guest musicians joining on the first few songs, after which she’ll finish the hour solo.

daleatyankieIn our second hour, Dale Rucklos, a guitar player and songwriter for 47 years, will share with us his lyrical songwriting process, fusing rock, blues, acoustic, New Age, and jazz.

Dale has been in Silver City for a few years and is now co-owner of Yankie Creek Coffee House, where he hosts performers every Saturday afternoon, 2-4 pm.  His album is entitled The Journey 2012.

Tune in and tune up!
KURU 89.1 FM or – 6:15-ish – 8 pm MT
(right after the Community Calendar and Workers Independent News)

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Montoya Brothers and Gleemaiden tonight on “Silver City Acoustic”



Eric and George Montoya

Tonight on “Silver City Acoustic” (6:15-ish – 8 pm), we’ll visit in the first hour with brothers Eric and George Montoya, who’ve been performing for over 17 years as both rhythm section for many local musicians and as the core of the “Friends of The Underground.”

Born and raised in Silver City, they’ve both been continuously performing live and recording their own original music and on various projects by artists both local and out of town.

Influenced by The Beatles, the Beach Boys, Merle Haggard, and War, to name a few, singing vocal harmonies is one of their favorite aspects of making music.

The Montoyas were recently recognized by the Grant County Chicano Music Project as one of the few remaining groups to continue the musical legacy rich in this community.

As well as hearing them live in the studio, we look forward to talking about the local music scene, how it’s changed over the years, and how Silver City has both given birth to and attracted great music and musicians for many years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the second hour, we’ll visit with “Gleemaiden,” a local, all-women a cappella group which performs regularly at a variety of local venues, including Pickamania in 2012.

Wind Markham, Elizabeth DeMoss, Maria Casler and Kori Wilken are all mothers of young children – and sometimes one might sing with a babe in her arms.

Local musical matriarch Jeanie McLerie writes of them, “Their repertoire comes from many sources, and they put their own organic style into everything they sing.  Their voices merge in a lovely interplay of unison, harmony and rhythmic back-up vocals.  Their sound feels like the heart of Silver City—laid-back, yet inspired; peaceful, yet captivating.”

We expect to talk to them about how music is a part of everyone’s lives, the role of music in family and community, and the unique role of a cappella music in the world today.

So tune up and tune in to KURU 89.1 FM!
or stream it live at

We’ll begin right after the “Community Calendar” and “Workers Independent News,” at about 6:15-:20.




“Silver City Acoustic” hosts Roger Metcalf and Mike Moutoux tonight!

roger metcalf

“Silver City Acoustic” tonight will feature music and interviews with Roger Metcalf in the first hour (6:15-ish to 7) and Mike Moutoux in the second (7:10-ish to 8).

Roger, “originally a Brit but now a dual Brit/US” citizen, has lived all over the world, and has now settled down as a translator and musician in Silver City.

He learned to play the stand-up bass to orchestra level, then switched to bass guitar and taught himself guitar.

Today Roger plays bass with the Roadrunners, the Greenwood Misses, and occasionally with Melanie Zipin and Wally Lawder.

He’ll share mostly original songs with us, on an acoustic resonator guitar, so fans of Roger will get to hear something they might not have ever heard from him before.

In our second hour, we’ll visit with Mike Moutoux, a cowboy-singer-songwriter from Silver City, also known as “New Mexico’s Enchanting Cowboy.”

378924_292233797481923_2022509686_nFrom his biography:  Mike specializes in turning ranch work into cowboy songs and cowboy poetry that give listeners a rare look into the life of a working cowboy.  “I’ve helped to pull calves and watched them take their first breath, laid on the ground in the mud and blood doctoring cows, been chased by cows, kicked by cows, fallen off a horse or two, and just generally collected too many fond memories to remember.”

“I want to put everyone in the audience as close to being in the saddle as words and music allow—and at the same time leave ‘em laughing,” he says. He plays a mix of songs, mostly his own, but always includes some classics the audience is sure to recognize. There will be wild rides, cattle drives, and endless big blue skies all wrapped up in poetry and song. With his smooth voice, authentic material, and a wonderful sense of humor, it doesn’t take long for an audience to appreciate what enchanting means: captivating and charming.

He has been a friend to many performers as a DJ for KSIL radio in Silver City, the producer of the Cowboy Concert Series, and as a talent wrangler and Master of Ceremonies for the Tyrone Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival. He is a regular on the poetry and music circuit especially in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.

So tune up and tune in!

…. to KURU 89.1 FM, 6:15-ish
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Still Buzzing …. From Santa Fe to Socorro to Diane’s!

Hello My Friends,

greg n Lloyd n TerriTwo weeks ago, I had the honor of hosting phenomenal performer Terri Hendrix and Grammy-Award winner Lloyd Maines on the radio show

Having admired Lloyd for years, it was quite the experience to just sit at his elbow, and more so to visit on-air.

And listeners have been exclaiming regularly what “great sound” the station has!  Yes, Kyle has done a wonderful engineering job.

So I was still buzzing when we left the radio show in the capable hands of Azaima Anderson last week, as Jean and I headed off to Santa Fe to attend the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) conference to learn and share ideas and photo 1songs with other folk musicians.  We enjoyed the talents of Carl Struck, Mollie O’Brien, David Berkely, Country Blues Revue, Cactus Tractor, and many more great-hearted folks who love music.

sca posterMany musicians were impressed to learn about our new local community radio station, KURU, 89.1 FM, and our “Silver City Acoustic” radio show that I host with Jean, and expressed new interest in putting Silver City onto their tours!  (One more benefit of community radio!  Touring artists are more attracted to our town!)  Of course, we also told them about the new music-and-great-food brewery/venue in town, and took home many CD’s from artists to pass around to the appropriate venues.

photo 2

The Old Town Bistro (historical Baca House) off the old town plaza in beautiful downtown Socorro.

Saturday night, we were booked into Socorro’s Old Town Bistro, and had the pleasure of bass player Jeff Ray meeting us there (from Bayard) and two excellent musician-friends from Socorro, Bill Giebitz and Jeannie Dixon, join us on guitar and fiddle at the end of the evening.  Thank you all for tripling the fun!  We played til after 11!

Performing at the Bistro

Performing at the Bistro

We had a great night, especially enjoying the fact that many of our Socorro musician friends were there – despite having been up late the night before to celebrate this ending of an era – the Bistro is closing!  We played the last Saturday.

The plaza in downtown Socorro

The plaza in downtown Socorro

The next morning, we walked around the beautiful, grassy, tree-lined downtown plaza with its park benches, historic adobe architecture, a great little coffee shop (with lovely pastries), all surrounded by mountains and desert – a small town almost as lovely as this one!

But the fun’s not over!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, I’m happy to be playing again with my good friend, Charlie Alfero – this Saturday night, April 5, at Diane’s Parlor – with Kevin Compton sitting in with us, and possibly a guest drummer.  6-9 pm.  Fine food and drink, and fine folks.  Music is free.

I’m always honored and delighted when friends and acquaintances come out to attend a performance – so thank you for putting this date on your calendar.

I also appreciate comments and likes on my website!  Thanks!

Peace and Love,


Silver City Acoustic with Phil and Mary Brown and the Latchkey Kids!

1798535_10152637078790031_1723685138_nThis week’s guests will be, in the first hour, Phil and Mary Brown, formerly of “The Oversouls,” and in the second hour the “Latchkey Kids.”

Long-time musical heroes in Silver City, Phil and Mary Brown anchored the popular Oversouls until recently, when Phil and Mary decided to pursue a new musical sound.  They’ll play some new and original acoustic music for us, talk about the process of songwriting, their Oversouls CD, and “The April-May Project”!

We’re looking forward to hearing all about the new music flowing through!

The Latchkey Kids have been playing around town for a few years now, the band consisting of James “Skippy” Sanders, Daniel Eady, Sam Yarborough, and  Alex Hallwyler.

They have an (unusual for them) all-acoustic set planned to share with us, along with stories about how they came together and where they’re going next.

So tune in and tune up!

KURU 89.1 FM, 6-8 pm MST (or a quarter after 6 or so)

or stream it live at